Young, ethnic, female, woke and WRONG!

Saturday’s Dominion Post carried a front-pager by Frances Chin with the headline 'They're breaching our human rights'. A quick search reveals that Chin is an active writer for Stuff titles and asserts that her ‘opinions are her own’.

Her piece was entirely free from references to the victims of the prisoners she quotes. Neither does she mention the freedoms Joe Public should enjoy, including ‘Freedom from Fear’.

One prisoner who requests anonymity because of possible repercussions (diddums), states that he can’t have visitors, because of a shortage of staff available to supervise these. If my maths is right, this inmate committed an imprisonable offence when his partner was several months pregnant with the son he now ‘longs to see’.

Is there no ‘lightbulb moment’ able to be generated by this man? And of course, Chin is too woke to suggest it to him.

We understand that Corrections Service find it hard to retain and recruit staff. Could that be a result of the abuse and threats directed towards officers?

Do we read anywhere that Chin has sufficient grasp of her subject to suggest self reflection to those she interviewed? Nope!