Look out Paris!

It’s a brave journalist that predicts good behaviour from Moroccans in Europe ahead of the Football World Cup final.

One journalist that has so predicted, is Lee Keath writing in the Dominion Post today. His ‘sweetness and light’ puff piece about Morocco’s World Cup successes having a ‘unifying effect on Arabs and Jews of Moroccan descent’ is only part of the story. Does he not wish to acknowledge that following Morocco’s defeat of Belgium, the streets of Brussels were set ablaze, with vehicles overturned and other property damage? In addition, Moroccans rioted in Paris doing much the same things as their compatriots across the Belgian border.

If that’s what Moroccan fans do when their team wins, what will happen when they lose?

Morocco meets a very confident French team in the final tomorrow and if as I expect they are defeated, all I can say is: ‘Look out Paris!’