A Sri Lankan migrant walked into Westpac...

A Sri Lankan migrant walked into Westpac and asked to see a loans officer. Once in the loans office she asked for an overdraft or line of credit. The bank officer then asked if she was a customer of Westpac, to which the young woman stated that she was indeed a customer.

The Westpac staffer then asked for the account balance and this was confirmed at $24.50. Her sole income was $30 pw pocketmoney,which her mother paid into the account.

To the question: ‘Do you have security?’ the customer answered: ‘No’. She lived with her Mother in a rental.

‘How much do you want to borrow? was the next question, to which the reply was: ‘About $30,000 will be the maximum I expect.

‘Am I right in guessing that you want this money for study, in which case why don’t you apply for a student loan?’

‘The system is racist and I can’t get a loan until I have lived here for 3 years after gaining Permanent Residence?’

“I’m sure that condition applies to all applicants – not just people from Sri Lanka’.

‘Well Chris Luxton the Leader of the Opposition, agrees it's racist and says he will change it when he becomes PM’.

‘Between you and me I think Mr Luxton would say anything to win the next election, but throwing to New Zealand taxpayer under the bus, for a quick headline will do him no good’.

‘Also, states the loans officer, it is not unknown for Sri Lankan migrants to move to Australia as soon as they qualify. Incidentally you must live in Australia for 10 years to get a student loan there.’

‘Why is this country so racist?’

‘Didn’t Sri Lanka have a civil war over race? Tamils against Sinhalese?’